by Renee
*Women: people who identify as women, trans inclusive. these are my ideas and mine alone. i do not speak for all women. the personal is political. enjoy!

1. Get Your Bats (Warrior Women*)

get your bats
im not waiting
get your knives
im not waiting

im not waiting for another attack
women fight back

women are constantly getting attacked and murdered in our communities, and i'm constantly totally confused as to how we havent all taken up arms in defense. what are we waiting for? lets learn to support each other in our relationships and communities, and fight back!

2. Make Waves

Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y. Intro

women are to be seen and not heard
nah, we left that in the norm world
remember why we are here
make waves
fuck scenes
i want community

this is in response to hardcore dudes in our scene acting like douche bags. letting them know that sexism, racism and homophobia are not okay is always awesome. lets keep it up! keep hardcore punk!

3. Fuck Men Get Money

men and math make me cry
wish they would fuck off and die
dont let any man get in the way of your money

this is about welding school. men gave me a lot of shit, and i spent most of my time crying in the bathroom. they told me to suck their dicks, and joked about raping me. my best friend ange always told me to never let any man get in the way of my money - to never let hatred towards me as a women get in the way of any choices i want to make in my life. i also like the idea of talking about money and punk. while i think its awesome to talk about not needing money and living a sustainable life, i feel like its a privilaged position to think someone's not punk if they want money. women having money as a back up plan is a form of self defense. we are often in vulnerable situations, traveling alone or with a partner, its good to have a back up plan in case we are ever in sketchy situations. when our partners leave us, its good to have our own money if we havent found other ways of sustaining ourselves. its a choice, and its good to have choices!

4. Take Control

feel unsafe everyday
theres got to be better way
mental health can take its toll
keep straight edge im in control

self defense, know your strength
your not safe, take control!

i often feel really bummed out about not feeling safe as a women, and i'm constantly trying to find ways to feel empowered and take control. taking women's self defense classes, talking about violence against women in our communities and in our relationships, and staying straight edge are some of the ways i try to stay positive and feel ready to defend myself and fight back.

5. Our Choice

let go of the shame and guilt
feminists get beat up too
do it now before you end up dead

when we shut up
we get shup out
never again

when was it ever our choice

sometimes we feel that because we have an undersdtanding of domestic abuse, or identify with radical politics and feminism - we have an immunity to abuse in our own relationships, that we know beter. this is dangerous and really shuts us up and shuts us out of our (potential) support networks, and also really blocks any personal progress we can make in challenging how we do relationships. we are all in fucked up relationships. lets keep talking about this and support each other in redefining our relationships! read Bell Hooks "Communion, The Female Search for Love." LOVE RULES!


it's a brutal name, but so is violence against women.

first of all and most importantly, the word womb raider is not, for us, in reference to rape. it's actually a word that has been created by the media in reference to women killing women for their unborn child. and it's pretty absurd and kinda hilarious that they used such a ridiculous pun in reference to something so brutal.

all of my songs are about violence against women, and women's self defense, so it seemed really fitting to have a name that is violent and specific to women. i also like the punk and hardcore tradition of using violent band names and images that shock, for the purpose of talking about those issues in a politcal context. like, for example, war and genocide. i would be pretty pissed if an all male band called themselves womb raider. but im really into people re-claiming words. like women re-claiming cunt and slut, owning it and making those shocking and violent words hold less negative emotions over us i guess? so with wombraider in particular, i really like the idea of personally re-claiming that to be in reference to my lyrics being pro-woman in reaction to men in the montreal metal scene wearing patches that say WOMBRAIDERS. i was so pissed when i saw them and tried to pick a fight with them but they wouldnt talk to me. so it would be pretty cool if we created another way of seeing and dealing with that word.

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Womb Raider: Sarah (bass), Renee (vocals), Martin (guitar), Taylor (drums)
recorded 2010 by Knightbus
gang vocals: Tave, Meghan, Nancy, Olivia, Sarah K, Texta, Maya, Bo, Jos, & Marjie